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Guns control proposals

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Guns Proposals, Criminal Defence

U.S. President Obama delivers statement on administration efforts to reduce gun violence at the White House in Washington

Is it final time for government officials to get through stricter gun control? After president Obama administration announced the will to do so, all over U.S. media this subject became more than just a story to tell.

Last week slaughter at gathering of county health employees in San Bernardino, in which radicalized Islamist couple killed 14 people, made a clear point that this has become a serious matter that should be treated as national priority problem. Just in this year in the U.S. we had a 355 mass shootings and that seems to be too much. But, then again, is it really possible to stop this kind of terror in a Country with over 300 million guns? It seems that any kind of gun control wouldn’t have any affect to mass shooters. How to stop this atrocity is a question that should be one of the main priorities in U.S. society.


Never the less, the policy of Obama administration examined several gun control proposals, such as:  bans on the assault weapons, banes on standard magazines, confiscation, the prohibition of all loans, sales and returns.

The question is will these bans have any affect. The odds and different opinions from people that are experts in these matters aren’t optimistic. We have to understand that this is not just about reducing guns and weapons that are out there. It is more about making the right program about finding and identifying would-be mass shooters and protecting would-be victims of mass shooters.  Otherwise, this proposal will do little good and much harm.

If we start to think a little bit further, then things are not so understandable as we thought. If we know that the victims of the mass shooting are just one side of gun deaths fewer, then we can assume that the other side is potential perpetrators. With this king of understanding we just can assume how would this over-motivated criminals react on this kind of proposal. Would it just make things go in unwanted direction? Law procedure is a process, and it will need time to take effect. Your first choice should be orange county divorce lawyer navigate to this web-site .


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