Strange Laws

Law could sometimes be very strange

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Some laws sounds strange to us and some of them I will name you in the list below:


1. In Montana is punishable to tear the phone book in half.
2. In California, it is forbidden to sell juices with lumps.
3. In Michigan do not tie an alligator to a fire hydrant.


4. In Arkansas woman who marries for the second time should not wear white dress. 5. After noon in Australia do not wear pink shorts. 6. In Kentucky night watchmen are not allowed to drink coffee without caffeine while on duty. 7. In Kentucky, do not wear cones ice cream in your pocket.


8. In Minnesota, you can pay a fine if you let your dog to race cat to telegraph pole.

9. In Iowa you are violating the law if you kiss your loved one more than 5 minutes.

10. Illinois prohibits giving your pet a lit cigarette.

11. In 24 countries the US is male impotence sufficient reason for divorce. Visit divorce lawyer boca ratonand solve your problems continue reading on this link .

12. In Miami you cannot imitate the animals.

13. In Ohio, a woman who takes off in front of the image of a man breaking the law.

14. In Maryland you cannot take a lion to the movies.

15. In Washington you should not be construed to have rich parents.

16. In Texas, you have to tell the police that you will make a criminal offense 24 hours earlier.

17. In South Dakota you cannot lie down and fall asleep in a cheese factory.

18. In Maryland the Randy Newman songs “underman “still prohibited.
19. In Missouri, a firefighter cannot save a woman who was on night clothes.
20. In Australia, only registered electrician can change a light bulb.
21. You cannot call your pig by the name Napoleon in France.

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