How to patent your innovation? 

InnovationA patent represents set of exclusive rights that state or any other authority guarantees to the one who invented something (an inventor) that will be protecting his invention of use, exploitation and sales by other individuals or legal entities. Patents are granted for new machines, or for significant improvement of existing ones, industrial products, industrial production processes or significant improvement of existing ones. They are also awarded for new chemical mixtures, food, medical and pharmaceutical products as well as processes for their production. In some countries, like the US, patents are awarded for new forms of genetically engineered and modified, plants and animals.

If you want to patent your product in United States you will have to follow some rules and that procedure can be pretty expensive, but there are ways to do it yourself so it may cost you less and you won’t have to hire a professional.

You must define your invention and there is no better way than to write it down. Your idea must be broken down into even into a smallest detail and while you writing it you will be preparing your patent application in the same time.


You have to be informed who can submit an application for a patent, you have the right to apply for a patents as an individual, or as a part of some organization the choice is only yours.

You must know what innovations you can patent and by the US law there are three types, they are utility, design and a plants. For a utility parent you can invent a machine, process, article of manufacture or composition of a matter or make an improvement for all mentioned. click here for info about this you should contact merrillville Injury attorney.

You must understand that there are things that cannot be treated as patents – for example: physical phenomena, abstract ideas or some artistic works or works that are in the field of drama or literary.

Congress made the “United States Patent and Trademark Office” to issue patents on behalf of the government. On behalf of the USTTO applications for patents are examined and they are determined whether they are entitled to patent or not. The USTTO publishes the issued patents 18 month from the day of application.

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